We can ship internationally on most products. Please read below for further information.

Do you deliver your products outside of Denmark?
Yes, we most certainly do. We already have a number of foreign customers, who rely on our great selection, customer service, and competitive price points. - Please note: All of our speakers are priced per piece and not pair

How do I place an order?
Because of our website being entirely in danish, there's an obvious language barrier, for foreigners. So, when you have decided what to order, please e-mail us at mail@tapeconnection.dk with your order details, address information etc. We will then process your order, and e-mail you an order confirmation with our banking details.

What are the freight rates?
Well, it depends on the destination and size/weight of the order, but if you would like a quote on freight before placing your order, please send us an e-mail at mail@tapeconnection.dk


Examples on freight cost, based solely on weight. Please use as a guideline. All prices are in EURO.
Based on Post Nord. Note that to certain destinations like Greenland, we can also offer economy shipping,
at almost half rate, but with a longer time of delivery. 



  France, Germany, Sweden, UK Norway, Iceland Pharoe Islands Greenland
0-1 kg. €25 €30 €33 €35 
1-5 kg. €37 €41 €42 €55 
5-10 kg. €60 €65 €57 €108 
10-15 kg. €71 €85 €77 €162 
Est. time.  2-5 workdays 2-6 workdays 2-3 workdays 2-6 workdays

What types of freight do you offer?
Road via either DSV or TNT, depending on the size and weight of the item. On smaller items we use PostNord (Danish Postal Service)

When can I expect my order to arrive?
Most of our items are in stock at our own warehouse and are ready for dispatch within a few days. Items that are not locally stocked, will be ordered from our suppliers, and are mostly ready for despatch within 1-2 weeks. Please allow 7-10 days on top of that for the actual delivery from us to you.

How can I pay for my order?
We currently only accept payment via bank transfer, for orders made from outside of Denmark.

Does (insert product) work in my country?
All of our electronic products, are 230v compatible. The vast majority of the larger hi-fi components have interchangable power chords, so you can easily re-fit it with a new one, that fits your AC wall sockets. Smaller items that come with an external power brick, or items with a fixed power chord, can be fitted with an adapter plug.

What are the warranty periods?
All products are warranted for two years.

Do I have to pay Danish VAT? 
Yes, if you live in a country that is part of the EU, you have to pay the Danish VAT. All prices on our website are inclusive of 25% VAT. If you live in a country that is NOT part of the EU, we will deduct the VAT from your order. Please be aware that any incurring customs and handling fees are to be paid by you, when the product(s) enter your country.

What is your return policy?
You have the option to return a product you've ordered, within 2 weeks of receipt. Return freight is not covered by us. There is no restocking fee for returned items.

My question wasn't answered!
No problem - send us an e-mail with any questions you might have at mail@tapeconnection.dk







是的,我們大多數的產品都可支援國際運送。我們提供大規模選擇,親切的客戶服務與具有競爭力的價格給全球客戶。 請注意:我們所有音響售價是以單一產品來計價。


















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